How to get your tokens?

To get your UBIGoodNow tokens, a few steps need to be taken.

When you’re ready to give it a try:

  1. Use Chrome to visit the Waves platform website.
  2. Scroll down to the Waves Client section and install the application.
  3. Open WavesLiteApp and create a new account, paying attention to the importance of the seed.
  4. Once logged in, charge your wallet with one of the listed currencies (like Euro, US Dollar, Bitcoin or Litecoin). Though fiat currency deposits require online verification of your identity, cryptocurrency deposits do not!
  5. Important: Send us your Waves address! In return, we will send you a small amount of Waves needed to pay for the transaction fee when purchasing UBIGoodNow tokens. If you already own some cryptocurrency, you can exchange some of it for Waves through the reliable ShapeShift platform.
  6. Head over to the Waves Decentralized Exchange section, buy some Bitcoin (if you don’t have any yet) and look for the UBIGoodNow/BTC exchange rate by filling the input fields with “UBIGoodNow” and “Bitcoin”.
  7. Find the list of UBIGoodNow sell orders, click on one, choose the amount of tokens you would like to purchase and hit the “Buy” button. And that’s it!

Afterwards, you will be the proud owner of one or more UBIGoodNow tokens, which includes you in our periodic payouts to your Waves wallet! Payouts will be in Bitcoin, but can be exchanged into other currencies and digital assets through the Waves Decentralized Exchange. At any time, you can withdraw your money from your Waves wallet, and you can even trade your UBIGoodNow tokens if you like.

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