Our target goals

In the startup phase of this project, these are the target goals that we have set:

  1. To reach monthly payouts of 5 euro (in Bitcoin equivalent) per UBIGoodNow token.
    So for 1000 tokens this means a total of 5000 euro per month divided among token holders.
  2. To increase the profit of our adult affiliate sites, so that more UBIGoodNow tokens can be offered.
  3. To share a bigger percentage of our profits with UBIGoodNow token holders.

As we have launched only recently, it is impossible to predict when we will reach these goals, but the target of this initiative is, of course, to keep on working hard until we do. And you can help us, by promoting our platform and by sharing our banners. Let’s make this happen, together!

In the meantime, visit our adult affiliate sites: